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Take a look at some of our key projects on the various aspects of solid waste management and management engineering —and much more!

Solid Waste Management

We conduct specialized research, analysis, assessments, and develop strategies and designs to help organizations overcome challenges related to waste management.

Landfill Assessments, Planning, Design, Redevelopment, Closure and Operations Engineering

Landfill Post Closure Termination, Environmental Investigations, Monitoring and Remediation

Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Facility Assessments and Solid Waste Facility Master Planning

Landfill Gas Collection and Control Systems Assessment and Engineering, and Landfill Gas to energy Facility Planning

Management Engineering

We help clients across all industries meet the ever-evolving challenges of today’s market environment. We work closely with client teams to gather, analyze and present practical data on how the organization can improve the value it delivers.


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