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We provide both public and private sector organizations with rigorous insights and holistic solutions addressing a broad range of solid waste, management engineering and construction quality assurance and control challenges. Our goal is to help our clients achieve maximum productivity and efficiency by further improving their strategies, operations, capital, and economic evaluations.


We conduct specialized research, analysis, assessments, and develop strategies and designs to help organizations overcome challenges related to waste management. Our solid waste management services include:

• Solid Waste Facility Assessments and Improvements
• Financial Modeling/Feasibility Studies/Rate Studies
• Landfill Planning, Design and Operations Management
• Landfill Post-Closure Care and Redevelopment Planning and Performance Monitoring
• Landfill Gas Collection and Control System Assessments and Improvements.
• Recycling and Transfer Facility Development Planning
• Permitting and regulatory compliance
• Construction Quality Assurance 


We help clients across all industries meet the ever-evolving challenges of today’s market environment. We work closely with client teams to gather, analyze and present practical data on how the organization can improve the value it delivers. We cover issues including cost, time, and organizational implications to enable agencies and organizations to achieve excellence in project delivery, operations and management.

Our management engineering services include:

• Assessment of – Enterprise Management and Major Project Performance
• Development of Enterprise and Project Performance Management Systems
• Strategy Analysis, Development and Deployment
• Development of Process Improvements and Performance metrics for Organizational Strategy, Project and Operations.


Today, the development of environmentally friendly facilities and effective waste-to-energy processes is vital for the health of communities worldwide.
VIKEK Environmental Engineers collaborates with partners under, its joint venture with Atlantic Waste Management Group, LLC (AWMG), to create complete solutions to meet the needs and challenges faced by developing countries regarding waste management with the development of environmental infrastructure. We utilize innovative planning and cost-effective execution to achieve our client’s goals. At its core, our work is about empowering clients to improve their operations, and their communities.

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We offer a comprehensive Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program that focuses on owner’s representation including inspection services for large scale construction projects, testing and data interpretation, and defensible testimony. We provide expert, independent, third-party evaluations to protect our client’s interests and ensure regulatory requirements are met during construction.

Vikek has 30+ years’ experience providing highly technical support for construction,  closure, and earthwork for landfill sites, lagoons , as well as soils, geosynthetics, concrete, rebar, structural steel inspection, and coating inspection for our public and private sector clientele. 

Our experts can assist with:

  • 3rd Party QA Management
  • Design Management
  • Testing Review and Documentation
  • Document Control



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