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We provide government and private organizations with high-quality consulting services focusing on general environmental management issues like solid-waste and stormwater management. At VIKEK, we are proud of what we do and always put our clients first. We want to help our clients achieve maximum productivity and efficiency with our innovative strategies, intelligent process design, and outstanding execution.

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Solid Waste Management

We conduct specialized research, analysis, assessments, and build strategies to help organizations face any operational challenges related to waste management. Our solid waste management services include:


  • Landfill development, closures & operations strategy
  • Landfill post-closure care and redevelopment
  • Solid waste-derived renewable energy facility planning
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Landfill operations efficiency improvements
  • Recycling and transfer facility development
  • Landfilll gas generation modeling
  • Solid waste facility site assessments

Management Engineering 

We help clients across all industries meet the ever-evolving challenges of today’s market environment. We work closely with client teams to gather, analyze and present practical data on how the company needs to change. We cover issues including cost, time, and organizational implications to enable agencies and organizations to achieve excellence on all operation levels.

Our management engineering services include:


  •  Development of business/organizational management architecture and models
  •  Strategy development and deployment
  • Process design/redesign, optimization and improvement
  • Capital asset performance assessment and planning
  • Assessment of enterprise management and operations performance
  • Development of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) process improvements and performance metrics
  • Development of strategic, project and operational metrics and dashboards.


Stormwater services are designed to support clients with high-quality, cutting-edge solutions at affordable pricing. Our team of professionals work closely with organizations and businesses to provide custom-made solutions to all their surface-water management needs. 

Our stormwater management services include:


  •  Drainage systems planning
  • Hydrologic analysis and modeling
  • Permit & regulatory compliance
  • Engineering design
  • Construction plans & cost estimates
  • Project management


Today, the development of environmentally friendly facilities and effective waste-to-energy processes is vital for the health of communities worldwide.
VIKEK Environmental Engineers creates complete solutions to meet the needs and challenges faced by developing countries regarding waste management with the development of environmental infrastructure. We utilize innovative planning and cost-effective execution to achieve our client’s goals. At its core, our work is about empowering clients to improve their operations, and their communities.

Our Joint Venture with atlantic waste management group,llc (AWg)


Atlantic Waste Management Group, LLC (AWG) was founded in 2020 as a Partnership between Vikek Environmental Engineers, LLC (a solid waste management company) and Amkona Group, LLC (a land use and development company). We are focused on Environmental and Waste Management consultancy.

AWG and partners decentralized waste disposal and waste-to-energy solutions to state governments and businesses, ranging from community-based material recovery facilities (MRF’s) to waste disposal facilities and waste-to-energy conversion facilities.


The partnership’s initial focus is on developing adequate best-fit disposal facilities and associated management planning. We combine education and community awareness programming for the wastes overflowing the streets of major urban Nigerian cities.

The disposal facility can either be a composting solution, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas – to – energy, or thermal-based (incineration) waste-to-energy facility.


We clean up cities quickly and effectively, create employment opportunities, and convert waste to energy!

Centralized locations Decentralized locations
Long planning and implementation timeline Faster planning and implementation timeline
Expensive Cost-effective
Not scalable Scalable
Requires mostly foreign labor Creates more local employment opportunities

We develop, construct and manage:

1.) Material Recovery Facilities
2.) Composting Facilities
3.) Energy Recovery Facilities
4.) Sustainable Landfills


Our mission is to become respected leaders of waste disposal and waste-to-energy facilities’ development in West Africa while protecting human health and the environment.

Together, we can enhance human health, the environment, and business sustainability by developing, owning, and operating community-based solid waste recycling, disposal, and waste-to-energy conversion facilities in partnership with communities, governments, and businesses in West Africa and our global partners!

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