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We provide businesses and organizations in the US and across the developing world with quality solid waste and management engineering consultancy services to equip them with the knowledge and infrastructure they need to successfully address today’s solid waste and management engineering challenges.


We are a passionate and experienced firm focused on providing thought leadership, guidance, and solid waste and management engineering services to organizations and businesses across the globe. We believe in building close working relationships with each of our clients to understand their requirements, design solutions to meet their unique needs, and enable them to achieve their goals.

Apart from our solid waste management and engineering expertise, we empower businesses and organizations with excellent strategy, project and operations management consultancy to help sustain their operations and also grow their business and organizations.


VIKEK Environmental Engineers is a nimble firm, with proven expertise for solid waste facility assessments, planning, permitting, design, construction management, regulatory permitting, compliance, determining the optimal tipping fee(s) that help fund most MSW operations; and management engineering focus on process improvements associated with project delivery and organizational management. We strive to collaborate with clients looking to improve their solid waste management, business, organization or projects and their communities at large.

Vikek personnel have completed landfill development and closures, closed landfill redevelopment, remediation and solid waste facility, and major infrastructure project assessments, new transfer and recycling station planning, and construction quality assurance services.

VIKEK employs the latest research and technology, combined with decades of key personnel experience, to help businesses and organizations maximize their value on investments. VIKEK has developed adaptive enterprise management strategies and designed operational and project delivery processes to equip organizations with the tools they need to boost their productivity and achieve meaningful change and growth. 

We empower businesses and organizations with excellent strategy, project and operations management consultancy to help sustain their operations and grow their business and organizations.


Get to know our staff of passionate, dedicated, and experienced industry experts.

victor okereke

Victor O. Okereke

Ph.D., P.E., DEE, CLSSS, Founder and Principal

Dr. Okereke has amassed a unique blend of technical and management expertise over his more than 30 years of service in municipal government and private consulting. A certified and diplomate environmental engineer (DEE), professional civil engineer (PE), strategic management professional, and certified lean six sigma sensei (CLSSS), he delivers insights and value in several key focus areas including engineering services management, solid waste management, operations, and capital asset management, strategic business performance and process management, and environmental and regulatory compliance.

Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt

P.E., PMP, Senior Consultant

Gary is a civil engineer and senior consultant with over 35 years’ experience in project management, permitting, regulatory compliance, design, and construction management for civil, environmental projects and solid waste facilities. He has been a project manager for more than 30 projects over the past three decades. Gary has experience negotiating with regulatory agencies to achieve his clients’ goals for schedule, cost and quality. He has served on the Washington State Capital Project Review board for alternative contracting for the board’s first four years.

Nnamdi Madakor

R.G. R.HG., Lead Hydrogeologist

A hydrogeologist with over 30 years of experience in site assessment, landfill and contaminated site closures, development of mitigation strategies for groundwater problems using computer modeling and innovative technologies. He also advises clients on how to navigate the complex regulations to maximize the value of their limited resources.

Thomas Karston

Thomas (“Tom”) Karston

Ph.D., Lead Financial Analyst

Dr. Karston has over 25 years of practicing applied public sector financial analysis and project appraisal work, including for the US federal government, the State of Washington, and the Province of British Columbia. He leads all financial and market analysis at Vikek. His experience includes conducting rates studies, benefit-cost evaluation, and project financial performance of new programs.

Dan Hawk

Daniel (“Dan”) Hawk

P.E., Senior Consultant

Mr. Hawk has more than 35 years of experience in the fields of civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineering having specialized in landfill analysis, planning, developments, closure systems, barrier systems, and site remediation. At Vikek, He manages multi-disciplinary teams to complete environmentally
remediation and permitting for landfill design projects both as a consultant and construction project manager.



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