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Gas Well Field Monitoring
solid waste management

Gas Well Field Monitoring, Control and Continuous Assessment is a Necessary Step to Ensure Proper Management of Methane Gas at Landfills

Vikek’s Environment Engineers provide sustainable solutions to life-cycle solid waste management challenges throughout the world.   We are a consulting firm that delivers innovative solid waste management solutions to municipal and private sector clients across the country. We partner with municipalities, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to create customized solutions for

Landfill Tripping
solid waste management

Discover How to Set Landfill Tipping Fees to Achieve Intergenerational Fairness

Author: Thomas (Tom) Karston Ph.D, Lead Financial Analyst at Vikek How Should Landfill Tipping Fees for Today’s Customers Help Cover Costs Over Many Decades Into the Future? While modern landfill management involves many critical engineering and environmental challenges, the not-so-simple question of how much to charge customers might be even

Best Practices in Geomembrane Applications for Wastewater Lagoons
Wastewater Lagoon

Best Practices in Geomembrane Applications for Wastewater Lagoons

Optimizing Geomembrane Design and Operation Using the Action Leakage Rate Author: Gary Arndt, Vikek Environmental Engineers, LLC Geomembrane-lined lagoons present unique challenges during their design and construction as well as over the many years they are in service. This blog post aims to help wastewater lagoon operators achieve cost-effective operations

closed landfill transformation

Transformation of a Closed Landfill into a Valuable Asset is Achievable with the Right Framework

The Closed Landfill Value Realization Challenge: Despite over 30 years of effort, we have not adequately solved the closed landfill (CLF) value realization challenges. Since the late 1980s, over 5,000 solid waste landfills have closed and most of these are now subject to perpetual post-closure care, according to data published by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and


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