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Hobart Closed Landfill Environmental and Post-Closure Termination Assessments

The Hobart Closed Landfill is a 35-acre disposal site contained within a 75-acre site and was closed in two-phases between 1990 and 1994. This landfill is unique as a slurry wall surrounds the landfill to separate the landfill from the shallow aquifer. VIKEK, under contract with the prime consultant, is developing assessment methodologies and performance measurement metrics, completing data gap analysis, prioritizing assessments, and providing support for project management, environmental assessment, engineering design and implementation of improvements to the control systems necessary to achieve termination of post-closure activities at Vashon Island and Hobart Closed Landfills under the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). 


Hobart, WA


King County


Landfill Assessments and Mitigations

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