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Landfill Site Development Master Plan, Solid Waste Division, Seattle WA

Directed the development of the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill Site Development Plan and EIS, in response to the recommendation from the Solid Waste Transfer and Waste Management Plan to, “ Explore opportunities for taking advantage of available landfill capacity to extend the life of this cost-effective disposal option; revise the Cedar Hills Site Development Plan and seek to maximize the capacity (lifespan) of the landfill, subject to environmental constraints, relative costs to operate, and stakeholder interests”.

Key elements of the work included – preparation of an EIS to identify and evaluate landfill development alternatives that would increase the capacity; evaluation of potentially associated environmental impacts; cost analysis to assure that increasing the capacity of the landfill will not cause significant adverse impacts on the surrounding community; presentations to King County Council, advisory groups, regulatory agencies and the affected communities.


Maple Valley, WA


King County


Owner’s Project Delivery Management for Landfill Site Development Master Planning

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