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Fruhling Pit Landfill Redevelopment Project

This is a 26-acre old closed landfill evaluated for a residential development within the City of Bothell. VIKEK evaluated existing environmental monitoring and operations data, methane concentrations using Geoprobes between gas probes, stormwater, groundwater, hydrogeologic, geologic, and historical landfill operations relative to the conceptual site model.

Completed data gap analysis (DGA) and developed DGA report. Completed landfill gas and risk assessments, landfill gas modeling and performed alternative risk mitigation and multiple solutions prioritization analysis related for the environmental due diligence for this closed landfill. Recommended an active gas collection system, with conceptual design and cost estimates for active landfill treatment system, coupled with in-home vapor control and monitoring system.


Bothell, WA


Village Life Community Development


Landfill Gas Collection and System Assessments and Mitigation

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