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Pacific Northwest businesses, cities and municipalities strive to be leaders in solid waste management. Solid waste management facility owners and operators must invest a lot of resources to contend with the enormous task of collecting, recycling, transporting and disposing of wasteful leftover products used and produced by local businesses and citizens. In addition, resources must also be extended in monitoring and maintaining all the closed landfills that they previously operated or find viable redevelopment alternatives. Landfill owners have not  adequately solved this latter closed landfill redevelopment challenge

Solid waste management professionals continuously plan and improve the methods used to dispose and reuse solid waste working with private and public sector solid waste facility owners and operators. However, it is not just the waste management facilities that continually need improvements, continuing education for those who manage and operate the facilities and changes to operational procedures should also be implemented. To be successful, businesses, the government, local agencies, community groups and professional organizations must work together to achieve sustainable solid waste management and conserve all valuable resources.

Public and Private Enterprises of all kinds need experienced professionals to develop solutions to various management problems and support the management of the solution – initiatives.

Historically, not all solid waste management facility owners and operators know how to holistically tackle these monumental challenges. Waste Management Companies, Cities and Municipalities need – Engineering, Environmental, and Management support for sustainable operation of their facilities or development of new facilities. 

Frequently changing regulations, rules, and procedures mean that solid waste management facilities owners and operators must stay organized, implement continuing education, and make constant improvements to maintain sustainable, holistic, and eco-friendly solutions to emerging solid waste management challenges. 

Large Consulting Firms need small, experienced certified minority and disadvantaged business enterprises to support their project pursuits, meet customer requirements and help them win projects. 

There are still multitudes of solid waste management businesses, cities and municipalities that must refine, advance, and restructure their waste management practices. They need to safely dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, produce less waste, and learn better management techniques that save money and time.

If your business, city or county needs to improve its environmental operations or require assistance with the operations of its solid waste management facilities, consultation and support with experienced solid waste management professionals will bring innovative and sustainable solutions that will reduce your organization’s environmental footprint and improve your financial bottom line.

Vikek Environmental Engineers specialize in research, assessments, analysis, and solutions to improve waste management strategies and operational efficiencies for transfer, landfills and waste-to-energy facilities.

Solutions involve looking at the entire business or public enterprise holistically to seek both technical and management solutions that are strategic and sustainable. 

Your business or public enterprise will achieve a clear solution to environmental and solid waste management. You will be guided with expert consulting in all facets of your environmental , solid waste and management challenges.

From operational procedures to educating employees on how to incorporate best – practice and more efficient standard operating procedures, Vikek Environmental Engineers consults your team on the entire process as a whole and/or the individual programs and projects. 

Vikek Environmental Engineers creates solutions for the most challenging problems that organizations face today.

  • “In order to provide sustainable solutions , we need to take into account the entire system, not just individual problems. Like the human body, this is an integrated system issue.” – Victor O. Okereke, Vikek Environmental Engineers.”

Your business will also have access to high-quality, flexible consultation designed to limit costs and maximize value. You want your business to run with the highest standards that positively impact the local and global community. We understand that not all businesses can do this without support from a team of professionals. The team at Vikek Environmental Engineers has technical and management expertise ranging over 30 years in municipal government and private consulting and provided solutions to the biggest challenges in environmental and solid waste management in the Pacific Northwest.

Book a consultation with Vikek Environmental Engineers today for solid waste management solutions, management engineering strategies and stormwater management within the United States, and solid waste management services internationally, and receive customizable solutions. 

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