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Gas Well Field Monitoring, Control and Continuous Assessment is a Necessary Step to Ensure Proper Management of Methane Gas at Landfills

Gas Well Field Monitoring

Vikek’s Environment Engineers provide sustainable solutions to life-cycle solid waste management challenges throughout the world.


We are a consulting firm that delivers innovative solid waste management solutions to municipal and private sector clients across the country. We partner with municipalities, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to create customized solutions for their unique solid waste management challenges.


  • For landfill owners dealing with the complex challenge of gas well field monitoring and control or landfill gas conversion to energy, Vikek Environmental Engineers offers holistic gas collection and control system assessments and support for sustainable improvements that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each landfill and the owner. We are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and regulations that apply to landfill gas management.


  • At Vikek, we understand how important it is for landfill owners to stay current with their gas well field management.. Our team of qualified professionals are highly experienced with decades of experience in landfill gas management systems engineering, and support for construction, operations, improvements and compliance with safety protocols to protect the environment and workers. 


Are you looking for a solid waste and management engineering company to provide consulting services? For more than 25 years, Vikek Environmental Engineers has provided creative solutions for various solid waste management challenges. We offer a wide range of solid waste management expertise, including landfill gas well field assessment, operations, monitoring, design, construction oversight, recycling and transfer facility development planning, financial modeling/feasibility/rate studies, landfill post-closure care and redevelopment planning..


Call Vikek today to receive your consultation about how we can help you transform your solid-waste facility into a system that enables you to achieve your desired sustainable goals. (206) 629-5935

Marty Penhallegon, PE President, PACE Engineers, Kirkland, WA
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“Vikek’s unique landfill gas and collection system experience proved invaluable in the success of the Go East Landfill closure and subsequent 96 lot subdivision constructed around the closed landfill which was used for special amenities including play areas, open space, jogging trails and detention pond. Their relevant experience on landfill closures would be key to the success of future similar projects and we highly recommend their team for landfill closure and redevelopment projects. ”
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