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Gas Well Field Monitoring, Control and Continuous Assessment is a Necessary Step to Ensure Proper Management of Methane Gas at Landfills

Gas Well Field Monitoring

Vikek’s Environment Engineers provide sustainable solutions to life-cycle solid waste management challenges throughout the world.   We are a consulting firm that delivers innovative solid waste management solutions to municipal and private sector clients across the country. We partner with municipalities, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to create customized solutions for their unique solid waste management […]

Discover How to Set Landfill Tipping Fees to Achieve Intergenerational Fairness

Landfill Tripping

Author: Thomas (Tom) Karston Ph.D, Lead Financial Analyst at Vikek How Should Landfill Tipping Fees for Today’s Customers Help Cover Costs Over Many Decades Into the Future? While modern landfill management involves many critical engineering and environmental challenges, the not-so-simple question of how much to charge customers might be even more important. However, while landfill […]

Pacific Northwest Solid Waste Management

pacific northwest solid waste management

Pacific Northwest businesses, cities and municipalities strive to be leaders in solid waste management. Solid waste management facility owners and operators must invest a lot of resources to contend with the enormous task of collecting, recycling, transporting and disposing of wasteful leftover products used and produced by local businesses and citizens. In addition, resources must […]

The Value of Implementing Best Solid Waste Management Practices

best solid waste management practices

Many organizations face environmental, engineering, and management challenges beyond what they can handle. Solid waste management enterprises are facing increasing financial burden; waste recycling facilities are over-burdened to the point of shut down, which leads to the accumulation of more materials; thousands of old landfills have been forced to close and require significant budget allocations […]

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