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OB-3 Wastewater Lagoon Floating Cover Assessment and Construction Quality Assurance Project

The OB3 wastewater lagoon has a 100-mil high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane floating cover (“cover”) installed in 2018. The lagoon is a single cell that is approximately 1,350’ long by 225’ wide. Three facilities utilize the lagoon. The lagoon operates 365 days per year, so the lagoon cannot easily be taken offline. 

To support mitigation of cover deficiencies and acquisition of permits, VIKEK provided lagoon cover geomembrane integrity and leakage assessment. Specific activities included evaluating the floating cover leakage mitigation options, remedial construction observation, and quality assurance.


Warden, WA


Confidential Client


Lagoon Assessment, Remediation and Construction Quality Assurance

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