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Newmont Mine Wastewater Lagoon Liner and Floating Cover Assessment and Construction Quality Assurance Project

The Newmont Wastewater Ponds are double lined with a 60-mil, textured, high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane with a geonet between the geomembranes to provide leak detection. The ponds were completed in 2019 for storage of mine – affected water for future treatment. It has two maintenance cells in the bottom known as the west cell and the east cell, each having a storage volume of approximately 3 million gallons. 

In order to support the acquisition of regulatory permits, Vikek provided pond geomembrane integrity and leakage assessment and liner installation construction quality assurance services. Specific activities included evaluation of liner leakage mitigation options and construction observation.


Spokane, WA


Newmont Corporation


Lagoon Assessment, Remediation and Construction Quality Assurance

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