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Victor O. Okereke

Ph.D., P.E., DEE, CLSSS, Founder and Principal

victor okereke

Dr. Okereke is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Vikek Environmental Engineers LLC. , a DBE/MBE/SCS certified firm he founded 20 years ago. He has more than 32 years of solid waste management in the public sector and as a consultant.  At Vikek Environmental Engineers, Victor and partners provide environmental and management engineering solutions to clients, focusing on – solid waste management related assessments, environmental management, project delivery planning , process improvement, and the design and construction support for landfills.

Previously, he served in several engineering and management roles at King County, including as the Solid Waste Division’s Engineering Services Manager with oversight over landfill and transfer station development and operations engineering, landfill post-closure liability management; and related environmental compliance management, and as internal consultant providing oversight over strategic planning, enterprise portfolio management, development of planning and execution frameworks for strategic planning, business performance planning and monitoring, and business strategy alignment and deployment.   

He served in the City of Seattle’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee as the planning subcommittee Chair providing 3rd party oversight for historical landfill assessment, and new transfer station planning and development.

Victor is a professional engineer, certified diplomate environmental engineer, a Lean Six Sigma Sensei and certified strategic management professional. He has previously written and published landfill management related papers, some presented at SWANA events.

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