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Thomas Karston

Ph.D., Lead Financial Analyst

Thomas Karston

Dr. Karston has over 25 years of practicing applied public sector financial analysis and project appraisal work, including for the US federal government, the State of Washington and the Province of British Columbia. He leads all financial and market analysis at Vikek. His experience includes conducting rates studies, benefit-cost evaluation and project financial performance of new programs. 

He has previously served as an economics professor for six years at Ohio Wesleyan and Western Washington Universities, teaching economics and public finance. He also served as a vice president in the finance division of First Interstate Bank of Washington, where he managed the financial analysis group, responsible for budgeting, forecasting, evaluating new programs and risk management. Later as director of capital budgeting for the province of British Columbia, he was responsible for advising senior elected ministers of the government on the allocation about $2 billion per year in new infrastructure projects, regarding almost all areas of government, such as environmental management, highways, schools, hospitals and criminal justice.

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