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Nnamdi Madakor

R.G. R.HG., Lead Hydrogeologist

Nnamdi is a Hydrogeologist with over 30 years of experience in site assessment, landfill and contaminated site closures, development of mitigation strategies for groundwater contamination using computer modeling and innovative technologies. As a former Ecology Hydrogeologists, he advises clients on how to navigate the complex regulations to maximize the value of their limited resources. Nnamdi would provide support on all hydrogeological elements of this project.

Value to Seattle Public Utility 

  • As a former Ecology Hydrogeologist, he brings extensive experience with application of landfill regulations for successful execution of environmental projects, including several landfills.
  • Brings relationships experience that will facilitate negotiations with Ecology and USEPA

Relevant Project Experience

Loudoun County Solid Waste Landfill, Loudon County, Virginia

Project Manager. Develop groundwater monitoring program to monitor leachate to protect drinking water aquifer and surface water (streams and springs).  Evaluated groundwater dynamics beneath the landfill; establishing recharge and discharge zones, conducting slug tests to evaluate hydraulic conductivity of the geologic formation and assessing aquifer transmissivity; collecting quarterly groundwater quality and elevations from the monitoring wells, plotting groundwater potentiometric maps to evaluate flows and assess groundwater quality. Developed groundwater quality reports to planners and commissioners for strategic planning and zoning decisions. 

Waste Management Inc., Williamsport, PA 

Regional Operations Hydrogeologist. Overseeing over 35 Landfills covering over 14 counties, overseeing groundwater monitoring programs around Subtitle A, B, C and D landfills, aquifer restorations programs, quarterly groundwater sampling, analysis and reporting. Developing, planning inspections, hiring contractors, overseeing subcontractor works in the field (groundwater well installations), recovery and diversion trenches for leachate control and mitigation, working with other engineers and multi-disciplinary staff to protect human health and the environment. 


Superfund Cleanup of Harbor Island, Harbor Island, Seattle, WA, State Liaison Hydrogeologist. State Liaison Hydrogeologist to the Federal Superfund Cleanup of Harbor Island; Using state of the art in cleanup technology and working under the MTCA and the Federal CERCLA laws, conducting, reviewing and approving remedial investigations (RI) work plans, conducting technology reviews from feasibility studies and developing state cleanup action plans that meets both the state, local, tribal and federal substantive cleanup of petroleum contamination requirements, working with the attorney general’s office to secure state concurrence of federal Records of Decisions towards liability settlements negotiated under Agreed Orders and Consent Decrees negotiating environmental covenants and developing institutional controls as part of a Site cleanup and closure substantive requirement to protect human health and the environment.

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