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Daniel (“Dan”) Hawk

P.E., Senior Consultant

Dan Hawk

Mr. Hawk has more than 35 years of experience in the fileds of civic, environmental and geotechnical engineering having specialized in landfill analysis, planning, developments, closure systems, barrier systems and site remediation. He has managed multi-disciplinary teams to complete environmental remediation and permitting for landfill design projects both as a consultant and construction project manager. He was in charge of Woodward-Clyde Consultants’ landfill design center which produced plans, specifications and associated permitting for over 50 landfill development and closure projects including projects in New York, California, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Colorado, and several other states across the country and oversaw environmental aspects for these projects.

Dan also managed relocation of air compressor facilities from atop the Main Hill, consulted on gas migration studies at the facility and provided engineering consultation during the design phase of the Cedar Hills Area 5 WAC 173-351 closure design. The project provides familiarity with Cedar Hills operations and has similar requirements for team leadership and technical proficiency with landfill gas and leachate collection systems at the facility as the Area 9 development.

Iron Oxide Landfill Closure, Southeast US, Confidential Client (2018-Present) | Technical Review.

Dan is lead technical reviewer for landfill closure design at this 60-acre low level radioactive site in the southeast region of the US. The project features installation of a circumferential barrier wall for contaminated groundwater containment, demolition of existing leachate collection infrastructure coordinated with groundwater extraction well installation and operation, stormwater collection and discharge systems, waste water treatment system upgrades, dewatering of iron oxide tailings, in-situ material stabilization, equipment access design, innovative artificial turf RCRA Subtitle C cover system design, wetlands mitigation, materials handling, site logistics, utility relocation and protection. The facility has soft underlying soils that are subject to significant settlement and seismic design issues. This project involves a high level of proficiency with all aspects of the Cedar Hills Area 9 development. 

Balefill Extinguishment, Capping and Supplemental Barrier, Pasco, WA (2015) | Plan Lead

Dan was Clearcreek Contractor’s lead for planning, design, and work plan preparation for extinguishment of a balefill fire using slurry techniques and design of a supplemental barrier and cap repair at the Pasco Landfill in Pasco, Washington. The project involved containing the underground elevated temperature material using a self-hardening slurry cutoff wall and extinguishing the fire using a submerged quench operation. Dan conceived the innovate approach and managed an interdisciplinary team with AECOM on this design/build project. Significant environmental challenges integral to this project were overcome including limiting off-gassing during containment of high temperature material, air permitting, dust control, erosion control and safety concerns. He continued as the Construction Project Manager through implementation of the project. A supplemental barrier consisting of soil-cement-bentonite was designed by Dan in conjunction with AECOM and installed to depths of over 35 feet between the balefill and other portions of the landfill which contained hazardous materials. This project involves innovation, recognition and management of environmental issues, extensive work with multi-disciplinary teams and an understanding of system constructability.

Thorne Bay and Ward Cove Landfill Expansion and Closures, Ketchikan Pulp Company, Southeast Alaska (1997 – 2003) | Engineering Lead

Dan was Engineering Lead for development of a design/build landfill expansion and closure meeting Subtitle D requirements for four landfills in Southeast Alaska. Designs included landfill expansion, piggy back lining systems over waste, capping, stormwater collection, temporary and permanent erosion control, leachate collection, leachate storage and treatment ponds, passive gas venting system, seismic and static slope stability analyses, construction drawings, and specifications. Dan continued on the project providing construction engineering support and postclosure settlement monitoring. The project featured a unique connection between lining systems and bedrock outcrops which were incorporated into the perimeter stormwater control ditches. This project required managing a multi-disciplinary team and shows proficiency with lining systems over waste, landfill expansion, leachate collection storage and treatment, stormwater conveyance and other environmental features similar to the Area 9 development.

Montlake Landfill Waste Relocation, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (2005) | Task Manager

Dan managed accelerated permitting, preparation of design, plans and specifications, and construction oversight for the University of Washington E-1 Parking Lot remediation overlying the Montlake Landfill near Union Bay. This project required extreme coordination to design, permit, address University parking access needs, coordinate with the Montlake Landfill Committee and other stakeholders and complete construction of a gas venting system at the 20-acre parking lot within a 3-month time frame. This project required the ability to coordinate a multi-disciplinary team and work closely with stakeholders and permitting agencies to successfully complete within a critical time frame.

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