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Recycling and Transfer Facility Development

recycling transfer facility development


Over 50% of municipal solid waste Transfer Stations in the USA are over 30 years old and in need of modifications or replacement

– Waste 360, SWEEP

VIKEK Environmental Engineers LLC is a solid waste and management engineering consulting firm that aims to equip solid waste management facility owners,landfills and organizations across the globe with the knowledge and infrastructure they need to address today’s solid waste management challenges.

Vikek Environmental Engineers provides practical, maintainable, and affordable solutions to planning and development of new transfer stations and recycling facilities. We provide an affordable opportunity to municipalities seeking to expand their services or improve upon existing operations.

Vikek Environmental Engineers, LLC is a solid waste and management engineering firm that leads you through the assessment, planning, modification or replacement process of the recycling and transfer facilities.

We work with the community and facility owners to create complete solutions that meet ownership objectives through outcome-focused current assessments, development of improved strategies, valuation of alternative strategies, design, commissioning, and operations support. We utilize the latest research, Vikek’s holistic solid waste facility planning model, and decades of industry-wide experience to maximize value for facility owners, and stakeholders.

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