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Go East Landfill Redevelopment Project

VIKEK, for landfill closure, site redevelopment design and construction  of residential buildings, and permits sought from the City of Everett, and Department of Ecology by the Owner, completed landfill gas and risk assessment, and design and oversight of the construction of the landfill gas collection and control  system. Vikek team also provided testimony at the Pollution Controls Hearings Board.

Specific tasks completed included Assessment of geologic, hydrologic, engineering design, environmental monitoring information, landfill gas modeling, risk and mitigation analysis,  alternatives site redevelopment assessment for this 26- acre former wood waste and construction debris landfill, and construction management.  


Everett, WA


Maple Valley, WA., USA

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Maple Valley, WA., USA


Maple Valley, WA., USA

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Maple Valley, WA., USA

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